Suzuki Title Loans Phoenix Title Loans

In the world of motorcycles, Suzuki is the ninth largest manufacturer of vehicles in the world. With multiple models at their fingertips and worldwide recognition, it’s hard to not know of the brand. That is why we at Phoenix Title Loans offer Suzuki Title Loans to motorist of the brand. Get the money you need from the motorcycle you love.

What Models Do You Accept for Suzuki Title Loans?

Suzuki has many forms and types of motorcycles available in the market, with sportbikes being their breadwinner. Here’s a listing of the current models we take in for Suzuki Title Loans:

  • The Hayabusa
  • Suzuki GSX series
  • The Suzuki Boulevard Series (both Cruiser and Touring)
    • M109 B.O.S.S.
    • The M90
    • M50
    • C90 B.O.S.S.
    • The C90T
  • The Suzuki Bandit Series
  • Suzuki V Storm
  • The DR Series (Supermotocross Class)
  • Suzuki RM Series (Motocross Class)
  • The Off Road Class of Suzuki Motorbikes
  • and more

This is a listing of most of the current 2017/18 lineup of Suzuki motorcycles. Keep in mind, like with all other title loans, this list is NOT final. As we see a multitude of customers throughout our time, we offer a case-by-case basis for those having questions. You can also contact us if you have questions as well.  The beauty of an auto title loan is that your vehicle is what makes us willing to give the loan, not necessarily you or other metrics.  Given this, we can do loans on just about any Suzuki motorcycle or car that has any kind of value.  As long as your bike is worth money, then it’s as good as cash at Phoenix Title Loans no matter if you’re in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Casa Grande, Chandler, or even Avondale.

How Do Suzuki Title Loans Work?

Don’t let the name of Suzuki Title Loans intimidate you. The process is simple as it is: First, make sure you have the vehicle’s title, the vehicle itself with all needed keys, and a Valid Arizona State Issued ID (preferably a Driver’s License). Second, drive down to your nearest Phoenix Title Loans location to get the process started. If you want to find out which location is closest to your needs, click here. Third, you can have the option of storing your motorcycle with us or you can still drive it if needed. Let us know your situation and we’ll do what we can to help.

The valuation process is perhaps the most important step when securing an auto title loan.  Having been in the industry for over a decade, we’ve become experts at valuating literally every kind of vehicle and motorcycle.  So how does this affect you?  When we’re confident in the value of your Suzuki vehicle, it means that we can be a bit more aggressive in our loan terms and how much we actually loan to you.  This always works out best for you because it allows us to deliver the lowest interest rates, the lowest monthly payments, and the highest loan to value.  Loan to value means what percentage of the actual cash value of your vehicle we loan which is where many title loan lenders pale in comparison.  At Phoenix Title Loans, you can always trust that you’re getting the best Suzuki title loan deal available, otherwise we wouldn’t still be in business.

Having been in this industry for over a decade is a mark of distinction only dwarfed by Suzuki’s history of business. But much like the brand of Suzuki, Phoenix Title Loans has become its own household name of sorts in the Valley of the Sun. So if you need money quickly and own a Suzuki motorcycle, you know what to do!