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Rideshare Title Loans

Ridesharing has been a successful business model for the modern Social Media Era. With Uber and Lyft leading the charge, all you need to do is get the app, get into your vehicle and get paid giving people rides. Simple get-up-and-go. This philosophy is not lost to us here at Phoenix Title Loans. Rideshare Title Loans were the natural outcome for Rideshare Drivers seeking financial assistance. Here’s how we can offer such assistance, no matter if you drive Lyft, Uber, or both.

Do You Offer Rideshare Title Loans to Leasers?

At this time, we have to limit our offerings to those who have full ownership of the vehicle. This is primarily due to the title being in your name, as opposed to being leased out by the dealership. Yes, you can get the title under your name, but as stated before, it’s under the ownership of the dealer. Fortunately, you are working with Uber and/or Lyft as an independent contractor to them. That vehicle will be yours in NO time! During that time, we may have other programs that will benefit you and you can find out by checking our other Title Loan Programs.

What Do You Need to Bring In?

There are some basic documents we’ll need before finishing out the process and getting you the money you need; the vehicle’s title, your current and valid Arizona State-Issued Driver’s License, proof of insurance (depending on the amount requested), and of course, proof of working for Uber or Lyft (usually a statement of payments if they have them; please remove or mark out any sensitive information).

How Do Rideshare Title Loans Benefit Me?

Simple. IF you happen to miss the rush hour for a few days or need some downtime to maintain your vehicle, we can get you the extra money you need. It’s as simple as visiting any of the nearest locations to you. We cover the cities of Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Casa Grande, Avondale, and more! So no matter where you rideshare, Rideshare Title Loans are just as easy to get thanks to Phoenix Title Loans!