Auto Title Loans in Glendale

Auto Title Loans in Glendale!


Phoenix Title Loans has been doing business in Glendale, helping its citizens get the fast cash they need for well over a decade.  We’re proud business owners and property owners in the city, so being members of the community we’re here to help customers get the fast cash they need.  If you need an auto title loan, car title loan, RV title loan, boat title loan, we’re the only title loan lender in Glendale you should trust with your business.  Just a quick look at our reviews verifies this, let’s talk about some of the aspects of a title loan.


Low-Interest Rates and Monthly Payments

An auto title loan is often the last resort for many people because you have to use your vehicle as collateral for the loan.  This is like fresh meat for Glendale title loan lenders who take advantage of these situations and slap lenders with exorbitantly high-interest rates, making for high monthly payments. At the moment, it’s tough for us to think about the ramifications of the title loan looking a few months down the line, especially when we’re in a true emergency.  Sometimes you find yourself six months later realizing you haven’t even made a dent in the amount, and now you pretty much have a brand new car loan.  At Phoenix Title Loans, we boast both low Glendale interest rates and monthly payments as we don’t believe in our competitors’ practices.

What’s also important to note about Phoenix Title Loans is that all loans come with predefined maturity dates rather than indefinite monthly payments.  Many title loan lenders charge interest only monthly payments meaning a year down the line you’ve paid none of your principal and left the lender with nothing but profit.  Our payment plans have a set date that, when you reach it, you know with confidence that you’ve paid off the entirety of your loan.  This makes our title loan products similar to traditional loan products allowing you to get back on your feet as fast as possible.


Highest Loan-to-Value Ratio

This is another important factor when it comes to auto title loans.  Loan-to-value is the amount of money loaned proportional to the actual value of the vehicle.  Many people think that auto title loans are some kind of high-risk loan so this amount can be low, sometimes as low as 30-40%!  The thing is we have all the security in the world that we’d need in your vehicle, so we’re able to beat the offers of all of our competitors.  This means more cash in your pocket, and combined with a low monthly payment and interest rate, our Glendale title loans simply can’t be beaten.


What’re you waiting for? If you’re in Glendale and need fast cash, contact Phoenix Title Loans today.  We’re located just off 59th Ave. and Glendale, and have many ways for you to get a quick quote with our online chat on the bottom of the page, an Online Title Loan Application, and a convenient phone number.