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Title Loans for Uber Drivers

To the modern day commuter, Uber is as synonymous with “Taxi!” or taking the bus, but a far more comforting and overall rewarding experience. Not only for riding, Uber offers many perks to drivers as well, giving them incentive to act as freelance contractors. That said, as a freelance contractor comes to burdens of maintenance, gas, and the like (the kinds of things NOT covered by Uber). Don’t worry! We offer title loans for Uber Drivers for just such an occasion.

What consists of Title Loans for Uber Drivers?

While not as revolutionary as Uber, title loans do offer some benefits with little moving parts. Primarily, title loans consist of the vehicle that is based as the collateral, the title to that vehicle, and of course you, the customer. We will also request some basic documents for verification as well, such as an Arizona State-Issued Driver’s License and (depending on the amount requested) Proof of Insurance. Secondly, the process does not require a great deal of background checks and credit checks with the statutes mandated by the State of Arizona and Federal Guidelines. The goal is to provide you money as quick and efficiently as possible, so you can get back to business of offering the best ride as an Uber contractor.

Can Uber Riders get Title Loans too?

YES! Yes they can, however the criteria remains the same: Vehicle, Title OF that same Vehicle, your current , valid AZ State-Issued Driver’s License. Proof of Insurance is requested depending on the amount you request from us for your vehicle. Just bring these items to any of our locations that are closest to you to get started.

How Do I Setup These Title Loans?

After you have found the location nearest to you, simply bring your vehicle there along with the requested documents and the process will be completed in the store. We recommend doing this in a time that is outside the normal hours you drive; this is so you can maximize your time on the road.

What Can I Do With The Money from the Title Loan?

While we can’t say these ideas would guarantee success, there are many things you can do with the money you have gained with our title loans:

  • Provide In-Ride Snacks/Drinks
  • Offer a multitude of ‘morning prep’ items (such as lint rollers, moisture napkins, mints, etc.)
  • Purchase cleaning equipment and tools to help make your vehicle professionally beautiful.
  • Save up for a full-body Carwash (Jackson’s Car Wash comes to mind)
  • And So Much More!

Also keep in mind that the money you get from our title loans can extend beyond your business as an independent contractor. It all comes down to how you make an investment with our title loans, and how soon you will repay the loan. Yes, you do have to repay, as it’s a loan after all.

That’s a Lot To Offer Here!

It is! Rest assured that Phoenix Title Loans has your back. We helped out many customers and businesses for the past decade and have no desire to stop now. If anything, our willingness to help was only made possible by the trust of our customers; in each and every part of the Valley. So as you head out to the open road, ready to pickup your next set of riders, take heart; Phoenix Title Loans is here if you are looking for Title Loans for Uber Drivers!