Guadalupe has a unique culture in the Valley of the Sun. This location only has one zip code, 85283. As with all cities in the Valley, Phoenix Title Loans strives to help out Guadalupe citizens with our title loans. But in order to do that, we must learn the aspect that makes Guadalupe a quaint little town that has a special place in the Valley.

The History of Guadalupe

The City of Guadalupe is the home ‘where three cultures flourish‘ into a town. So what are these cultures? These three cultures are the original farmer settlers of the area where Guadalupe sits, the Yaqui Native Tribe, and Native Mexicans. At first, it wasn’t always as hospitable. The story begins in 1900. The Native Yaqui Tribe was actually fleeing from their southern homeland located near the Mexican State of Sonora. This was due to aggression and oppression from then Mexican Government’s Porfirio Diaz. Most of the Yaqui remained in where Tucson is today; yet a few moved north to current day Guadalupe.

The Yaqui tribe shared knowledge with the local farmer settlers. While the settlers were grateful, they left them a small patch of land to have as their own; albeit barren land. This did not deter the Yaqui; the opposite, they turned setback to success and thrived their culture. As the Yaqui thrived and commuted to work for the farmers, other non-Native American Mexicans entered the area. Thus after a century of cultural exchanges, the proud city of Guadalupe prospers to this day.

Modern day Guadalupanos are a mixed blend of Yaqui and Mexican heritage. This is a known concern for the full-blooded elders of each culture. However, it’s yet to be grave enough a concern to break the city apart. In fact, Guadalupe has a strong history of unity. Even when faced with annexation to Tempe or Phoenix, they defended the community to prevent such annexation to take place. This is the essence of the proof that Guadalupe is the home where three cultures flourish.

How Phoenix Title Loans Can be a Part of This Culture

The town is mostly residential. Thus, we understand the cost of commuting to work can be taxing. That is why we offer title loans to customers that need them the most. The extra money provided can help with bills, put gas in the tank or keep gas in the tank, make needed payments, etc. We also have local staff that understands the needs of fellow Valley citizens, including Guadalupanos (though to be fair, we may not know the ins and outs of everything in Guadalupe history). Ultimately, we have the ability to assist residents of this city with our various title loans options they can make use of. Visit any of our nearest locations to you today to get started. You can also visit our online application as well.

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