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The ‘exemplary work of industrial design’ for Sport Utility Vehicles, The Range Rover is Britain’s answer to the American Jeep in terms of off-road travel. The Range Rover is the successor to the original Land Rover model. Four generations later, it still holds up the moniker to this day. Very few Range Rover owners have had ill experiences with this work of off-road art, but that also means maintenance can be costly if it DOES happen. That’s where Phoenix Title Loans comes in with an auto title loan Range Rover owners can come back to when needed.

How does this differ from Land Rover Title Loans?

At its core, they are functionally the same, but we take into account the fact that we are dealing with a Range Rover as opposed to Land Rovers. That also means they have slightly different qualifying factors we have to consider. This consideration is, of course, handled on a case-by-case basis. Outside of this, the loan process is universal to either model.  And, perhaps the most obvious reason, they’re two different kinds of vehicles!  At Phoenix Title Loans we take every situation independently rather than having some kind of strict guidelines for our customers.  We understand that every customer and every situation is different with different kinds of needs and requirements, and we will always treat them as such no matter if you’re in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, or Casa Grande.

What Models Would Work For an Auto Title Loan Range Rover Loan?

The following listing is a small example of the many types of Range Rovers we can accept:

  • Range Rover “Classic”
  • Range Rover P38A
  • The Range Rover L322
  • Range Rover L405

Don’t worry if your model isn’t listed; simply contact us and we’ll work on your situation at the store level.

Our list is nowhere near inclusive, guys!  A vehicle is as good as cash at Phoenix Title Loans and we treat it like that meaning that if you have a Land Rover we can get you cash in a matter of minutes.  The beautiful nature of an auto title loan is that it’s a form of collateral loan in which your car is used as confidence in repayment of your loan.  That allows us to treat your vehicle just like cash and not have to consider other limiting metrics that other loan institutions use like credit score, employment, and other things like that.  At Phoenix Title Loans, our Land Rover Title Loans work with people that have no credit, bad credit, no income, self-employed, social security, fixed income title loan, and any other kind of silly situation that you can think of.  We pride ourselves on being able to help just about any and all customers in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Avondale.  Without the support of consumers in all of these cities, we wouldn’t have the sprawling eleven valley wide locations we have so we’re giving back to the community with our huge variety of title loan products.   If you’re interested in securing a Land Rover Title Loan, contact us by using our live chat down below, filling out our Online Title Loan Application, visiting one of our locations, or just coming right on down to our stores in person!  All of our lovely associates are experts and will definitely be happy to help you no matter the situation, so reach out today.

How Do You Get Approved for a Title Loan?

The approval and process are incredibly simple. First, bring you vehicle along with its title and your Current, Valid Arizona State Issued ID (usually your Driver’s License). Once you have these, we’ll assess the vehicle on site and offer a title loan amount or fulfill the amount you request. This is based on the vehicle’s condition. Shortly after filling out some paperwork, you get the money at the store! The process itself lasts approximately 15-30 minutes. It’s only longer if more information is needed. In some cases, our process can be as little as five minutes! It all depends on you.

If you’re unsure about your actual options and would like to review them with us before you actually pay a visit to our locations, by all means feel free.  We’re always happy to provide hassle free, convenient consultation so that we can determine if and which auto title loan service may be the best one for you.  You can use our live chat down below which is active most hours of most days, fill out our Online Title Loan Application, or just call one of our stores and we’ll always be happy to help for free.  We can almost guarantee you that we’ve helped someone in a worse situation than you, and that we’ll most likely be able to get you the fast cash you need.  Our customers are the reason that we’ve been able to be a leading title loan service for over a decade, but also why we’ve been able to expand our services so far and so wide so we make it our  mission to deliver back to these communities with getting them fast cash.

We at Phoenix Title Loans wanted to make the process of getting the money you need as painless as possible. Our simplicity helped us remain in business for over ten years. Getting the money you need should remain simple and having repayment options equally simple has been the cornerstone of our business. It’s also the reason we are able to have as many locations in the Valley as we do. Stop by any one of them today nearest you!