At the center of Mesa, and at the heart of the LDS Church Doctrine in the Valley lies the Temple Historic District. Based on the 85210 zip code, it stands as the origin of this city and how she rose to become what she is today. From a small LDS settlement, to a mighty city, the Temple Historic District has seen much growth. It is here residents are deeply rooted to the history of Mesa herself. As such, we offer our services to those living in this neighborhood along with respecting the neighborhood’s legacy.

The Historic Legacy of Temple Historic District

The areas around the district were created around 1910; centered towards the early Mesa settlements. The Mesa Temple was shortly built within 1927. Continued developments of most modern homes carried on into 1949. By this point, the Temple Historic District has taken shape and thus, the city began to expand even further. Finally, the district was first listed in the National Register of Historical Places in November 2000 and then the Local Historic District Designation in February 2001.

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