Even if you’ve never been to Arizona, you probably have an idea of what the weather is like. It’s hot in this state, even during the months of winter, and it doesn’t rain very often. Coolidge has a true desert climate.

Because of this, some people have a hard time deciding what they should pack when they go to Coolidge. Should they just bring summer clothes? Should they bring clothes for colder weather? This tips will help you pack perfectly.

1. Pack Clothing You Can Breathe In

While you don’t have to wear tank tops and shorts in Arizona, you should pick clothing that is easy to breathe in. Look at clothing that’s made from natural materials, like linen and cotton. These fabrics will be comfortable to wear even when it’s hot outside.

If you have business events to attend in the area, you’ll want to pack a suit. While you may want to avoid bringing a wool suit, you should try to wear the same kind of suit that you’d normally wear. A lighter suit, like a linen one, will make you stand out.

2. Include Light Layers

Even when the temperatures are burning hot, you’ll want to have a light layer to throw on. After all, you won’t always be outside. A lot of business keep the air conditioning running all the time. You’ll get chilly if your arms are never covered.

Look at bringing a light jacket and some kind of light sweater; a cardigan is a great choice. Men may want to look into bringing a hooded sweatshirt. Make sure you have something that you can throw on when it starts to get cool.

3. Skip The Flip Flops

While the weather in Coolidge is warm, you shouldn’t dress like you are going to the beach. There are plenty of rocky areas in Coolidge, and there are also lot of insects. When you’re outside, you’ll want to keep your feet covered.

Wearing lighter clothing is a great idea, but you should try to wear sensible shoes. If you have flip flops, you might wind up injuring your feet on your trip. Pick something that is comfortable to walk around in.

4. Protect Yourself From The Sun

The sun’s rays can be very intense in Arizona. You can get a sunburn even in the dead of winter. Make sure you’re fully protected from the sun.

Of course, this doesn’t just mean that you should put on some sunblock. You should also wear a hat and sunglasses when you can. Make sure that the sun won’t cause any problems for you. You can soak up the sunshine and not worry about anything else.

Now that you know a little bit more about the weather in Coolidge, Arizona, you’ll know how you should pack for your next trip. You can set aside your cold-weather clothes and pack lightly. While you’ll probably enjoy your time in Coolidge, you’ll enjoying it more if you have the right kind of clothing.

We actually can’t stress this point enough!  Even if it’s not hot here, you have to understand that here in Arizona we don’t see a lot of clouds.  The sun is literally always out here, and that’s where the harmful UV rays get to you.  The skin is the largest organ in the body, and here in Arizona, it’s being decimated at all times by this sun.  Skin cancer is the most common form and is extremely prevalent in Arizona, so it’s important that you either a) cover up when outside, or b) wear some pretty damn strong sunscreen.  Other than that, enjoy the sunshine!  People stay in Arizona because of their love for the sun and here we simply can’t get enough of it.