Hyundai Title Loans

Hyundai, not to be confused with Honda, is a Korean based car company that had a rough start, but gained stride and success here in America. It has been well-recieved in the eyes of American motorists, and has been seen as often as Fords and Chevys here in the Valley. Phoenix Title Loans, never one to rest on our laurels, wants to offer Hyundai owners a chance to get Title Loans for their car. YES! Hyundai Title Loans are available here at Phoenix Title Loans.

What is a Hyundai Title Loans?

Hyundai Title Loans are basically title loans for owners of Hyundai vehicles. What we do is provide a loan of cash based on the current loan-to-value of the vehicle in question (in this case, Hyundai). We also set terms, as per standard title loan procedure, and you walk out with cash on hand and in MOST cases, you drive away with your vehicle too.

Why specifically Hyundais you might ask?  Hyundai vehicles within just the last year have gotten immensely popular.  Particularly with the introduction of the new, powerful Hyundai Genesis, they’re all over the road now.  Hyundai never used to be a vehicle people felt compelled to customize, or even flaunt as they were just the home to basic sedans.   Now they’re a beacon for insanely powerful vehicles, making Hyundai Title Loans one of our most popular and favorite products to offer to our customers.

Many people look at Hyundais as a low-value, economical car but Phoenix Title Loans sees it differently,  Hyundai vehicles are incredibly reliable, lasting hundreds of thousands of miles no matter their age.  At Phoenix Title Loans, this is not our approach and we treat our Hyundai Title Loans similar to how we treat any of our vehicles.  If you need the low interest rates, low monthly payments, and the competitive loan-to-value on your Hyundai you know who to call.

What Can You do With The Money?

The sky’s the limit! Catch up on unpaid bills, plan a vacation, use it to make an investment on a business venture, have a night on the town with friends; what you do with the money is your choice, we only ask you use it responsibly. That and let us know if you have issues with repayment. We also offer refinancing on Hyundai Title Loans.

We offer title loans for any and all financial obligations you might have.  A very popular reason to secure an auto title loan is to repair vehicles as the cost can certainly be high.  It doesn’t make a ton of sense to risk financial security in other areas of your life when you can just reinvest in your own vehicle to secure important car repairs.  Particularly with the summer coming up here in Arizona, if you’re facing a costly air conditioning repair it’s simply going to be unbearable.  A Hyundai auto title loan is a great tool to secure the funds necessary and not die of heat exhaustion during this summer.  Other popular reasons are simply to catch up on other bills.  A bank from a loan is not a process that’s going to be immediate or quick in any way whatsoever.  An auto title loan is financing that can be secured in an hour, sometimes quicker, allowing you to actually catch up in a time of urgency and not when it’s already too late.

What Hyundai Models do you Accept?

We accept the following vehicles sporting the Hyundai Brand:

  • The Hyundai Sonata
  • Hyundai Genesis
  • Hyundai Veloster
  • The Hyundai Accent
  • The Hyundai Elantra
  • Hyundai Santa Fe

This list is the current set of models we’ve seen come to our store. This is not a list of the only models accepted. Quite the opposite. If your vehicle is a Hyundai and it’s not listed here, let us know. You can contact us via phone or apply online.