Title Loan Company Open on Holidays

There are many holidays: Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick’s, even Thanksgiving! As with companies having special restrictions for working on Sunday, holidays have been known to have businesses close in observance of them. We at Phoenix Title Loans also respect holidays, as all businesses do. But we also understand customers need us when they least expect it. We are the few opened stores when you need a title loan company open on holidays in the Valley of the Sun.

Why are you a Title Loan Company Open on Holidays?

Simply put, emergencies know no holiday; neither do bills, rents, etc. Getting hit with bills during the holidays is the hardest. You need to pay them or risk paying MORE money for bills. So what do you do in this situation? Depending on how deep you are in debt, you want to find places that can get you the extra money you need. A Title Loan company is such a place; and we’re a title loan company. However, if we were to be, say, closed for the whole day because of a holiday, you miss out on getting that financial situation handled for that day. We don’t want to see our customers in that type of situation if we can help it.

Didn’t You State You Observe Holidays?

We do, so to compromise, we have shorter hours of business. Simply closing entirely doesn’t do well for us or customers needing the money as soon as they can. That is why we are open during holidays. Also, it’s not just for customers to get money from us, but also those scheduled to pay us as well. Sometimes, we may write loans that may end up on a holiday. Of which, there are options: you can pay early, or you could risk being late (after letting us know; we’ll work something out for you).

What Does It All Mean?

Basically it’s a continued commitment to service to our customers. After all, without them, we have no business. That’s been a simple truth we’ve adhered to for over the past decade while in business. It’s also one of the many reasons we have as many locations as we do. So if you need a title loan company open on holidays, think of Phoenix Title Loans!