To the Northeastern part of the Valley sits the well-known town of Cave Creek. From its great location near the Mazatzal Peak to the classic western layout in the spirit of the Old West.

Cave Creek’s History

The early days of Cave Creek as a city start back in the 1870s. During this time, the land was the home of the Hohokam Tribe of Native Americans. There is still a Hohokam presence to this day long after they left the land; currently it is occupied alongside the Tonto Apaches. During the 1870s, Maj. Gen. George S. Stoneman was stationed in the area where the city is today. He served in Camp McDowell (now Fort McDowell) and was searching for a faster route to the subsequent Fort Whipple in Prescott. He found such path from an ancient Native American Trail. After completing the investigation, he named the Native trail the “Stoneman Military Trail” and essentially the area nearby “Cave Creek.”

Shortly afterwards, settlers from the east came and started making a town in 1877 with the “Cave Creek Station.” This small town became a mining town thanks to the efforts of the Cave Creek Mining District. This came into prominence when a wealth of gold was discovered in Gold Hill in 1874; causing a ‘gold rush’ to occur. This lasted until 1993 when the last mine of the city, the Golden Reef mine, closed its mine and donated its property to the local museum. Now the city is expanding and becoming a modern rural town.

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