Title Loan to Repair Vehicle

Life Happens

At some point, your vehicle will need to have repairs on it. Fan Belts, Electrical failures, damages from collision or punctures, you name it! And one thing that holds people back is the need for money to PAY for the repairs. Is YOUR vehicle in the shop? Do YOU need money to get it repaired to get back on the road again? Phoenix Title Loans has you covered. Stop by our store today to get a Title Loan to Repair Vehicle issues today!

A Title Loan to Repair Vehicle Troubles?

Yes, Indeed! Most people in the Valley commute to work in their car. That’s why they own one. Having no car while it’s being repaired can be a problem.

First and foremost is the cost of the repairs. With cars becoming more sophisticated, repair costs will climb as a result. This will put financial strain in your budget.

Secondly, there’s the lost time in regards to everyday tasks, such as traveling for groceries, meeting with friends/family, traveling as a group (depending on circumstances); simply going from point A to point B (wherever that may be) could be a major issue without a car.

Third, simple convenience is completely thrown out the window! You must now make different arrangements to satisfy your daily routine; this again can cause financial hardship.

That’s why we encourage to get a Title Loan to repair vehicle problems. We’re so serious on this concept we are even willing to cover repair costs!


You read that correctly. However, we still need to see the vehicle itself at the repair shop and assess the damage before fitting the bill. If you don’t know which shop to turn to, we can offer recommendations that can help. We are confident enough to cover repair costs under the following businesses:

To reiterate, WE NEED TO SEE THE VEHICLE IN ORDER TO ASSESS COVERAGE, or, YOU CAN CONTACT THESE BUSINESSES LISTED HERE and we can begin the process of repairs after we visit and inspect the vehicle ourselves. Also, there IS a fee in regards to inspecting your vehicle, which ranges from $25 to $50 dollars, depending on distance of your vehicle to us. This, of course, IS WAIVED should you take up on our recommended repair choices.

So, why the Title Loan?

You still need to handle day-to-day life. Getting to work, school, or home now has a new set of challenges. Bottom line, it all boils down to money. That’s why we stress getting a title loan on the vehicle; You receive the title loan WHILE it’s being repaired.

This money will help cover travel/daily expenses. At the very least, it could cover the cost of a pass for public transportation, such as the Valley Metro Bus line, or even the Metro Rail.

It could also be used towards Modern Day Ride Share options, like Uber and Lyft. But in order to GET the money, we recommend contacting us or visiting any of our locations to get the process started.

Phoenix Title Loans is doing ALL of this?

Yes. We’re doing all of this because we have the desire to serve our customers as they have aided us. We would never survive over a decade without the support of our fellow Valley citizens. That’s also why we have several locations throughout the Valley of the Sun in Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Casa Grande, Glendale, Scottsdale, Avondale, and beyond. Don’t let repair problems plague you any longer! Call now, and get back on the road again.