Vehicle Types of All Shapes Can be Accepted with Phoenix Title Loans

Vehicle Title Loans

Vehicles aren’t limited to just ‘cars’ or ‘automobiles’ as well. A vehicle is a machine used to transport people, or goods. Vehicles are also accepted in Phoenix Title Loans. After all, auto title loans are based on vehicles and we can’t be in business without them.

What Vehicle Would You Accept?

There are many types we are willing to accept for title loans; however, there are some basic standards of course in taking one in: does it have a motor to propel the vehicle? Can it be steered? Does it run on some kind of fuel or hybrid engine? If it handles these basic functions of a motor-vehicle (doesn’t have to be a motor-vehicle) then we may consider it for a title loan. To make things a little EASIER we have taken the following in the past:

  • Boats
  • Jeeps
  • SUVs
  • ATVs
  • Helicopters

If you are in possession of any of these vehicles, then you may very well qualify! To get started, all we ask is that you contact us or simply use our Online Title Loan Application to see if you qualify. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home!

We have to tell people every day that this list is not extensive!  We can literally offer our vehicle title loans on anything you have.  The beauty of an auto title loan is that it is a type of collateral loan meaning that as the lender, we have confidence in lending that is unique in loan origination.  This is because if something does come up and repayment is not possible, you can use your collateral as repayment for the loan without having to worry about harms to your credit or future stability.  This also allows us at Phoenix Title Loans to provide more favorable terms than you can find at most institutions like lower monthly payments, lower interest rates, and faster overall repayment times.  With a vehicle title loan from Phoenix Title Loans, you can get the fast cash you need on literally any kind of vehicle you have.  With a collateral loan, anything is good for cash and we can get it to you in a mere matter of minutes in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Avondale, or even Chandler.  Contact us using our live chat, our phone number, or even our online title loan application for fast, immediate service.

The Breakdown of the Process

Once you have the confirmation from our staff in regards to your loan request, here are the next things to do to get that cash:

  1. Use our Zip Code Directory to find the nearest location to your home.
  2. Make sure you have your Title to the vehicle and also an Arizona State-issued Driver’s License.
  3. Stop by and fill out the last bit of paperwork inside the store.
  4. Walk out with CASH IN HAND!

We also offer the option to store the vehicle as well, so that you can further protect your investment. Keep in mind you also have the option to hold onto it while the loan is in effect. This choice is always yours to make, but understand we may request to hold onto the vehicle to ensure the maximum loan-to-value is met.

Financial Freedom for Customers

Life has many challenges and times you will least expect. To have a vehicle to act as a financial buffer allows freedom to better one’s position. Phoenix Title Loans believes that customers shouldn’t be limited to just cars or trucks. We also believe in reaching all customers in the Valley that may need our help. That’s why we have over ten locations across key cities like Mesa, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix, Avondale, and more. Let Phoenix Title Loans become the vehicle you use to reach your goals!