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Bad Credit Title Loans in Avondale

Credit can make or break a person’s financial standing. Especially if the person has bad credit. You can forget any loan from a bank, and most business will turn a blind eye to you. Worse, you can easily lose your hard earned home and car if your credit goes bad. Now you have a way to get back on track AND possibly fix your bad credit dilemma with Bad Credit Title Loans in Avondale, brought to you by Phoenix Title Loans.

How can a Title Loan help when I have Bad Credit?

It’s simple, really. The reason why you can still get Bad Credit Title Loans in Avondale is because you don’t have to worry about your credit. In fact, your credit is not a factor at all. The deal breaker, or rather the only deal to make, is the vehicle! This does not affect your credit score in the slightest. Even if you have no credit at all, your vehicle is the only determining factor. If it has a title, you can get some money from it.

Is there Any Guidelines?

While we have no issues with having bad credit, there IS some guidelines to follow when requesting a Bad Credit Title Loan. No, you’re not required to have bad credit for Bad Credit Title Loans in Avondale, or any part of the Valley for that matter. Just make sure you have a title of the vehicle you are using that is clean and in your name. We verify this with both the title and the Arizona State-Issued ID (in most cases, your current and valid Drivers’ License). This is to confirm identity, so we don’t end up offering a title to the wrong person or a car not under direct ownership.

We also ask that we see the vehicle before offering the final assessment at the store. We can make arrangements otherwise; but (1) it may affect the full loan-to-value and (2) delay the process of getting you the money you need NOW. This is why we offer those types of options on a case-by-case customer basis. To get the most loan-to-value possible, we recommend bringing all three items; vehicle, title, ID.

Are there restrictions on the types of vehicles that qualify for Bad Credit Title Loans in Avondale?

Very Few, really. If anything, the only restriction we may have is due to spacing OR if we request to have the vehicle on hold in our lot while the loan is in effect. Two opposing reasons, but outside of that, bring your vehicle in. We take Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs, RVs, and more. We’re crazy enough to take in a HELICOPTER!

Will this help my Credit Score?

Yes and no. Yes, it will help in getting you the money you need to pay off any outstanding debts. No, getting Bad Credit Title Loans in Avondale, the current location nearest you, will not improve your score; the MONEY from it will, as stated previously. That’s why we state that your Credit Score will not be affected. Therein lies the double-edge sword; it neither harms nor helps.

Then Why Offer it?

Because most businesses REQUIRE a Good or at least Fair Credit Score for loans of any type. This won’t be available for customers with Bad Credit. However, without a means to pay off debts to restore their credit, it will only get worse. This is why we encourage customers to get a Bad Credit Title Loan. Not so much to directly make their credit score better, but to have the money to pay off any outstanding debts, which in turn IMPROVES their score from Bad to Good.

So Why Come to Phoenix Title Loans for Bad Credit Title Loans in Avondale?

We’ve offered this type of title loan to many customers in the past. It’s only now that we really promote it. It’s important to know that we have been in the title loan industry for over a decade; we’ve continued business to this day. This is due to customers trusting us as a source of money when they need it most. We accept customers from all walks of life; good, bad, or no credit to their name. This is because we value the vehicles they bring to us and offer them assistance when they request it. Finally, we understand our title loans could be the one thing needed to turn your credit status around, while not directly changing it. Thus, come to the store that can make a difference with Bad Title Loans in Avondale; Phoneix Title Loans!