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Guaranteed Title Loans

Phoenix Title Loans, the place for Emergency Cash and Guaranteed Title LoansThere are things in life that are (or should be) guaranteed: Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness. Even we at Phoenix Title Loans will do our absolute best to provide you guaranteed title loans to suit your needs. That said, like with ALL guarantees, there are guidelines that must be met.

Value Threshold for Guaranteed Title Loans

In order for us to provide guaranteed title loans for your vehicle, it must meet or exceed a loan-to-value of $2500 dollars and more. This ensures that we are able to provide for you the full loan-to-value for your title loan. This $2500 threshold is based on past loans we made for our customers. Truth be told, it’s more likely for us to loan HIGHER. This only happens when your vehicle is past the threshold. It is symbolic to both us, the lender, and you, the borrower, of the true worth of the investment on both ends.

Additional Requirements

if you have a clean and free title on your car, and it has a value of $2500 or more, you can get guaranteed title loans today, and get cash in your hands - Phoenix Title LoansAnother requirement for guaranteed title loans falls into making sure the unit is in near perfect condition. This requirement isn’t a deal-breaker, however it helps us better assess its value when the vehicle isn’t suffering from cosmetic blemishes. We are not going to nickel and dime on a scratch or two unless the scratch is a rather large one.

Additionally, having a spare key along with all accessories that come with the car is among the final requirements to guaranteed title loans. Once again, this is not the deal-breaker as that of the loan-to-value threshold. Having a spare actually works in your favor and helps prevent any deductions for not having a spare key in place.

Guaranteed Title Loans are not just for those owning wealthy or fancy vehicles. All customers meeting this threshold will have access to this program. Naturally, if you have questions about our pawning business practices, please feel free to read our FAQ Page.

What Happens If You Are Below the Threshold?

If you are below this threshold, you are not eligible for guaranteed title loans. PLEASE DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND; your vehicle is still offered a title loan based on its value. The process is the same as always. This will never change. It is simply not guaranteed. This means you may not get the full loan amount requested.

Of course, this is strictly a case by case basis. We still encourage you to get the money you need from your vehicle through us. Also, if you truly need the money, then don’t hesitate to take our offers. It will at least get you going in the right direction.

Then What is the Difference?

Phoenix Title Loans - A leading lender - 11 locations to serve guaranteed title loansThe Threshold. Below $2500 means we would negotiate as close to your original loan estimate. Above or at $2500 means you WILL get a title loan for the amount you request; and maybe more depending on your application. Ultimately, to find out if you qualify, we recommend using our quick online application process, followed by visiting the store nearest you (Use our Zip Code Directory for that).

What Makes Phoenix Title Loans the Choice for Auto Title Loans?

Phoenix Title Loans prides itself as a Valley owned and operated business. Over the past decade, we have offered our services and changed the lives of many Phoenicians along with residents in the surrounding Valley Cities. This is proof we can offer guaranteed title loans. We’re residents of this Valley, too. We understand the need to have a few guarantees in life to make it feel worth being here. Don’t delay! Come to us: the title loan company that offers a guaranteed solution. Visit Phoenix Title Loans, LLC today!