Ford Trucks have been a staple in our culture, but in the Valley of the Sun and across the United States of America!

Ford Trucks have always been held to a special place in American culture. “Built Ford Tough” is a long standing motto of all Trucks made by the Ford Motor Company. We have seen our fair share of this great company’s models in the parking lots of our stores. This is proof of Ford’s commitment to the design of trucks and to truck owners (also known as truckers). As the Valley’s most trusted Title Loan Company, it’s expected of us to able to take these beauts and give you the maximum loan-to-value you deserve!

Ford Trucks Historic Legacy

Since 1908, the Ford Motor Company was responsible for producing the first of trucks, the Model TT. From that initial design until now, the truck has been synonymous with handling payload and giving off a rugged look. While the vehicles weight increased, due to the bed addition, trucks have been of various eras in history. Whether it was transporting goods, towing additional payloads, or transporting persons, all recognize the value that trucks had in our lives.

Various Ford Models Appreciated

No one Ford model stands out to us as we love ALL models of Ford. From the Standard F Series of Trucks (F-150, F-250, etc.) to the less known but similar Heavy F Series (F-650 and F-750) and even the mighty SUPER DUTY Series. There is almost no truck from Ford that we will not take! In fact, here’s some models we’re looking to see:

  • Ford F-150
  • Ford F-250
  • The Ford F-650
  • Ford F-750
  • The Super Duty Series

The Ford F-150 has been the best selling truck vehicle for years and years, and the earliest models go back even as far as 50 years!  It’s a dependable, domestic truck that is built “Ford tough”.  Due to this longstanding history of Ford trucks, our Ford title loan product is one of the best and one of our favorite.  Their dependable trucks that we can trust doing auto title loans on, which allows us to pass on our same confidence down to you.  Particularly on Fords, we can originate some of the best title loans you’ll find in the Valley of the Sun.  This means low monthly payments, high loan-to-values, and low interest rates!  We love Fords, and if you own one you probably love them just as much as us, so don’t look any other direction when looking for a Ford title loan as other title loan lenders won’t treat Fords differently and will give you the same ol’ kind of deal.  Phoenix Title Loans is the number one choice in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Avondale when you’re looking for money in a bad financial situation.  Let us help you, and put your Ford in hands that you can trust!

How to Get Started

Great thing for owners of Ford Trucks, or any vehicle, to know is our process is as straightforward as all of our auto title loans. Start up with either calling us at your nearest location or applying online with our title loan application. Once you have contacted us and/or filled our application, we’ll inform you of an offer. Once you receive it, we recommend going to the nearest location to you. If you need help with finding your location, we recommend our Zip Code Directory. After you find the closest location, just arrive with your truck, its title (clean preferred), and an Arizona State-Issued Drivers License.

Where Are You Located?

We have locations all across the Valley, from Mesa to Avondale, Tempe to Casa Grande, Phoenix to Scottsdale, Glendale to Chandler. There we finalize the paperwork in the store. The process is fairly quick, taking less than an hour’s time in some cases, half-hour in most cases. We’ve even done title loans in under FIVE MINUTES! Not only is that the best case scenario, that’s the result of over a decade of talent and experience in the making! Come to Phoenix Title Loans, and know why we’re the Valley’s Pawn Shop Choice.