Short Term Loans - Phoenix Title Loans

Short Term Loans

A need for money is going to happen in some point in people’s lives. Whether its to cover for medical expenses, a down payment missed for a vehicle, or even plans on a vacation. Did you know that an Auto Title Loan from Phoenix Title Loans could be the answer? After all, they are short term loans that can be used to cover such instances.

Auto Title Loans ARE Short Term Loans

This is important to state as there have been some misconceptions about our loan programs. While we are willing to extend our auto title loans at the customer’s request, we remind them that these loans are often within a span of 90 days or so. If you need longer term loans, we recommend going to your financial institution or requesting federal aid/State Aid.

Short Term Projects That Need Funding

Of course, title loans don’t have to be used for emergency purposes only. Sometimes you have a great idea or project that you want to jump start. Maybe you have a dream vacation or transitioning to a new line of employment? You want to offer a gift to a friend or loved one and you happen to be short the funding. Whatever the reason, short term loans to achieve these ideas, using our auto title loans as the means, can help out in your endeavors. They can even be used to better your situation; for instance, Ride Share Drivers can use our auto title loans as projects to better their vehicles and servicing to customers. Or perhaps you have a small business that does not require much capital to start? No matter the idea, but

How Do You Get These Loans?

The process in acquiring our short term loans is very straightforward:

  • Have ownership of a vehicle, along with the title that is for the vehicle.
  • Possess an Arizona State-issued ID that is BOTH current and valid (Driver’s License preferred)
  • Have an application ready (we provide them online, so just fill it out there and we can handle it afterwards); if you could not fill it online, excellent; we will provide it at our stores; it’s just minor paperwork done in store.

Also we have multiple locations throughout the Valley that can better serve our customers without traveling far and wide.

What Makes Phoenix Title Loans The Best Decision?

The results are clear; we let our customers’ trust and confidence in our business model speak for itself. This is the standard we held for over ten years. We’ll keep working hard to serve our customer base. Our variety of title loans can be for almost any vehicle, such as cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and more. Looking to get some short term solutions? Start with our auto title loans, the short term loans you need!