A great place to retire or come down from colder lands, Sun City is a retirement haven for those looking to relax and enjoy nice weather…outside of the summer months. Here’s some fun facts about the city of the Sun.

A Sunny Place called Sun City

Since January 1st, 1960 the city in the Valley of the Sun known as Sun City has seen much rapid growth from its humble beginning of a few homes made, along a shopping center, recreation center and a local golf course. In fact, so much growth was made started from the 1960s, Time magazine at the time made an article calling it “The Retirement City.” It made headlines, back in it earlier days. Nowadays, this has caused many elder residents to call this city their home. And slowly but surely, as the sun rises, this city saw incredible growth.

Another name for Sun City is the Home of the Golf Carts.  A simple walk through Sun City and you’ll see more golf carts than you’ll see actual cars.  That’s also where Phoenix Title Loans fits in as we can serve the city of Sun City by offering title loans on golf carts as well.  It’s amazing actually that the citizens of Sun City despite how sunny and hot it can actually be that people still love their golf carts more than their actual vehicles.  A unique city, to say the least!

It became a haven from the winter storms of the Northeast and the northern part of the country. This is also a unique city because of the streets’ designs. The streets of Sun City were networked as pinwheels. These roads wrap around in circular patterns, similar to the shape of the sun. This community became the archetype to a series of communities to follow: Sun City West, Sun City Grand, Sun City Anthem, and Sun City Festival. Not a bad take on cities in the Sun Belt.

How Phoenix Title Loans Makes Life Even Better!

This is a retirement community, so income may plateau due to the demographics. Don’t worry! That does not mean that you can’t get additional funding. That’s why we at Phoenix Title Loans are here to help! First and foremost we offer auto title loans to all citizens of the Valley of the Sun. Sun City is no exception. In fact, we encourage residents of the Retirement City to visit us when they have plans.

Need to go on outings or have cookouts during winter and Spring Training Season? An auto title loans gives you that extra boost in money. Plan on taking a road trip on your motorcycle? A Motorcycle Title Loan can help with that. Even repairs at home can be done through our title loans programs; although we do not recommend building an ENTIRE home via our title loans yet. We simply claim this because we use your car’s title as the collateral needed.

Phoenix Title Loans helps Sun City by providing unique options to its residents.  Many title loan lenders only see dollar signs when one of many Sun City’s elderly citizens need some quick cash, and charge them exorbitant interest rates and monthly payments.  Phoenix Title Loans doesn’t believe in this philosophy, one, because the elderly should not be treated incorrectly, and two also provides solutions that these others can’t such as Social Security Title Loans, or Fixed Income Title Loans.  When you have fair rates, low payments, and approriate non predatory treatment, it’s clear that Phoenix Title Loans is the only one you can trust.

Another benefit of our company is that we are local, so we have an understanding of the ‘latest and greatest’ in vehicles. This allows us to provide the most loan-to-value for your vehicle so you can get the most cash in hand. This has been our staple of success for over a decade and why many Valley residents from the cities of Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Casa Grande, Avondale, and even Chandler have depended on us. Need any further proof? Visit any of our nearest locations to you or fill our our online application. We look forward to your business!