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What Are Classic Car Title Loans Glendale Asks

Classic Car Title Loans Glendale are dedicated to historical beauties like this '51 Corvette - Phoenix Title LoansClassic Car Title Loans Glendale residents, are specialized title loans focused specifically on historic and classic vehicles.  These are vehicles that have been verified by the State of Arizona and have specialized License Plates.  They also have specialized Titles that verify the historical value of the vehicle as well.  As a result, these historical vehicles increase their value, and Phoenix Title Loans recognizes this factor, and wants to clarify that this status does equate more money in your pocket because of it.  However, we do need to also point out how their process differs as well.

What Can Qualify for Classic Car Title Loans Glendale Owners Have?

In most cases, we continue to state that a Historic License Plate.  This includes classic cars like the Model T, to famous roadster vehicles of the late 1950s and the like.  One such example, but not limited to, is the Cadillac Seville.  This should give a general idea of what we are looking for.  Also, since these are classic vehicles, we are going to be strict in terms of cosmetic damage.  These are the vehicles that are seen as historical, so any major blemishes will need to get taken care of before visiting us.

We want to make sure we give you the highest loan-to-value amount as possible. Finally, if you have further questions, we recommend visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Assessing Your Vehicle

Get the best offers possible when you go to get Classic Car Title Loans Glendale residentsAt Phoenix Title Loans, our associate will have you both go outside to your vehicle.  Then, they will begin the assessment by noting the make, model, style, year and mileage of the vehicle.  After that, he or she will examine the interior of the vehicle, and ask you to start it, just to hear the engine, to verify it is in good working order.  Once that is completed, you will both return inside the store, and our associate will look up the current market value of your car.  Finally, you will be presented with our cash offer.

*All of our assessments of a vehicle are free of charge, and there is never any obligation to accept our cash offer.  

If you have any further questions, please click on the bottom right of the screen to reach an assistant via our Live Chat.  They will be happy to provide the answers to your questions, and even help you begin the process online if you would like.  Or you can submit our online application, followed by receiving an email with our initial offer amount within 20 minutes or less.

What Documents Do I Need?

Az License Plate for Classic Car Title Loans Glendale - Phoenix Title LoansThere are several documents to have when dealing with Classic Car Title Loans Glendale residents.  First is that of the customer’s Driver’s License.  After that, another important document is the Proof of Insurance.  This is important as we are making sure you are the proud owner of a classic vehicle.  Finally, we will need to verify the historical authenticity of the vehicle.  Therefore, any and all documents detailed by the State of Arizona labeling it a classic car/automobile is REQUIRED.

Once these documents are provided to us, we can proceed to complete the loan process and hand the cash directly to you.

Why Go To Phoenix Title Loans?

Glendale car owners have trusted the Classic Car Title Loans Glendale residents provided by Phoenix Title Loans for over ten years.  While some may say that’s a drop in the bucket, it is a testament to the trust residents of Glendale place in us.

From our title loan programs to our quality customer service, Phoenix Title Loans is a business that keeps offering back to the community that supports us.  That is why our offers are the best around and back it up with the cash that we hand you.  So don’t be afraid to get the cash you deserve from Phoenix Title Loans.  We’re here for you!