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5 Ways To Top Up Your Funds

5 Ways To Top Up Your Funds Before You Get Paid

We all know that feeling of dread the week before payday when our funds are low. With payday in the near distance but not quite close enough, sometimes we are unexpectedly forced to start counting the change in our purses, but thankfully, running out of money a few days before payday could be a thing of the past. There are several things you can do to top up your funds to help ensure you have enough cash available to get by. Below, we explore 5 ways to top up your funds before payday.

  1. Get a Pawn Loan

If your circumstances are only a temporary problem, you can either get a 90 day pawn loan from a valuable item you personally own.  Theses loans are called collateral loans, and utilize an items value for a cash loan.  During the loan, the pawn shop will hold on to the item, and will hand you back your belongings, once the loan is satisfied.

  1. Become A Night Time Shopper

Whilst becoming a night time shopper won’t necessarily top up your funds, it will indefinitely help you save money you want to cherish before payday. This is before supermarkets often stamp a discount on produce approaching its use-by-date in the evenings to help it sell and reduce waste. If you are penny-pinching, becoming a night time shopper and hunting down these bargains in the evening can help ensure you remain well-fed, despite your funds being low before payday.

  1. Go Online

There are hundreds of apps that enable you to make money in just a few simple taps and swipes. From completing short online surveys in exchange for vouchers available to use in a wide range of high street stores, to cash by taking on board extra work, there is little you can’t do with your mobile phone in this day and age. “Spacehop” is just one app that enables you to rent out your home or separate office space during the day to startups, freelancers or bloggers who are in desperate need of a change of scenery, helping you top up your funds before payday at the same time.

  1. Sell Your Unwanted Goods

If you have received a gift you really don’t want, don’t let them go to waste. Instead of leaving it in the cupboard to collect dust, sell it online. Selling your unwanted goods online is a quick way to top up your funds before payday, and will help you declutter your home so you have room for the things you really do want. Similarly, if you have unwanted clutter lying around your home, including old CDs and DVDs, sell them online. You could make as much as £20 per item, which can help tick over your funds until your pay packet lands in your bank account.

  1. Do A Few Odd Jobs For Your Friends Or Family

There’s no better way to top up your funds before payday than by helping out your family or friends at home. Whilst you shouldn’t, and won’t, receive hundreds of pounds for helping out in the garden for a couple of hours, every little bit helps! It’s quick, easy and you are bound to receive a constant supply of tea or coffee and biscuits throughout the day to help keep you going. With this in mind, why not lend a hand to a loved one today?