Learn How to Get the Most Cash Auto Title Loan

most cash auto title loans ladyMany times we need more money than what seems feasible.  Even with an auto title loan, you might be worried that you won’t get a high enough offer for your car to cover your immediate financial concerns.  This article is written explicitly for that, and here you can find exactly how to get the most cash auto title loan for your car, and how you can maximize your loan value Phoenix Title Loans, LLC will offer you.

The first common misconception is that an auto title loan is based solely on your credit, or solely based on the value of your car.  Neither of these is true.  There’s a reason you fill out a whole, and complete application for us.  It’s the combination of all the various things on your application that we use to evaluate your vehicle.  From income, to references, to Kelly Blue Book value of your car, to credit score, these all play a varying role in your auto title loan offer.

Kelly Blue Book Value

Many folks can be confused when they receive their offer for the auto title loan due to the Kelly Blue Book value.  As noted above, it’s your application as a whole that determines the value we offer.  Now, can we offer you the full 100% of Kelly Blue Book value?  Absolutely we can!  We can offer money up to the value that Kelly Blue Book states its worth, given that your application meets certain criteria.  Kelly Blue Book is what sets the bar for us, and we use their values religiously.

We trust Kelley Blue Book inherently because that’s how the majority of the world values cars these days.  While we take our own personal metrics into effect as well and won’t rely on Kelley Blue Book for everything, but it is the best starting place and one that we’re going to use for most of our appraisals.  We’ll always take into account other factors such as employment and other things talked about on this page into your appraisal so don’t worry about whether or not your Kelley Blue Book value is lower than what you’d expect.  We can make whatever kinds of appropriations are necessary to get you the money that you need.

Income Stability

What a large part of the value of your vehicle is based on is whether or not you have stable income.  Do you have to have a job, or stable income?  No!  But, knowing that you have the money to be able to repay your loan is a huge plus in our book and will greatly increase your auto title loan value.

If you don’t have a job, but have a source of stable income say from disability, social security, or some other form of income, that’s fine!  We don’t care where it’s coming from, but we want to know that you have some sort of income.  It allows us to make much larger values towards you, as we know you’re capable of paying back the amount.

Work History

Being able to prove to Phoenix Title Loans, LLC that you’ve consistently and reliably held down jobs for a good amount of time shows us that you work, pay your bills, and are capable of repaying a loan if we were to give you one.  Showing not that you’ve worked a lot of jobs, but that you stay stable in the one you’re working in, is a major plus.  It allows us to loan you much more money than we normally would as you prove that you’re ready and able to pay back the loan at any time.


This seems like a small part of the auto title loan application process, but serves a larger purpose to us.  If you have family and friends that will be a reference to you, it’s a good security measure for us as far as paying back your loan goes.  It allows us to have people to contact if you, for some reason, become unreachable.  Just a small, extra level of security for us, means that we’ll be much more comfortable giving you the full amount you need.

Where You Store Your Vehicle

Phoenix Title Loans, LLC has its own secured, safe, storage facility wherein we can store customer’s vehicles.  Now many customer’s need their vehicle as their main source of transportation; their daily driver.  This is entirely fine, and you’re more than welcome to get an auto title loan AND continue to drive your car.

However, if you have alternative means, and are willing to allow us to store your car, then your auto title loan value can truly leap up in value.  By letting us store the car, we don’t have to be afraid of you not repaying, and your vehicle is directly there for us to use as collateral.  This will allow us to loan you much, much more cash than we otherwise would.