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Rent Assistance Outreach Beyond Title Loans

This is tough to admit, but it is also necessary. There are times that our title loans will not be enough to handle rent. That said, there is rent assistance outreach beyond title loans.

Local and State Rent Assistance

There are rent assistance outreach programs to help out with funding you need. In most cases, it’s based on the city you live in. Here’s some examples of Housing and Rent Assistance throughout the Valley:

  • For the State of Arizona itself and a general start in searching, The Arizona Department of Housing, click here.
  • From the U.S. Department of Housing, click here.
  • For one outreach we have worked with in the past, we recommend SaveTheFamily.Org, and here’s the link.
  • We also have a partnership with C.A.H.R.A. as well, for those living in smaller towns like the township of Eloy.

As we continue to grow as a Title Loan Company, we do get information about these rental assistance loan programs, so we will continue to offer our customers the same treatment.

Plan Out Your Budget and Finances

There are other ways to have rent assistance, but not in the traditional sense. Above all else, you will need to plan out a budget. Many people fear having to do this, but without a budget, they continue to bleed money. There is a simple way to get budgeting done. Start with the following:

  1. Write Down the Source(s) of Income and how much the source(s) provide each month (on average).
  2. Write Down the Expenses that you must pay each month.
    1. If Expenses are GREATER than the amount available from your Source(s) of Income, you will need assistance to re-balance your budget.
    2. If Expenses are LESS than the available from your Source(s) of Income, it would be wise to continue re-balancing but not required.
  3. Keep an eye out for better opportunities. Yes, this is something you must budget as well. Place this on the ‘Sources’ section of the budget.
  4. Keep an eye out for expenses in travel or personal recreation, including vacation as well. Place this on the ‘Expenses’ section of the budget.

This is just a general idea to get started on budgeting. What our customers should take from this is a template to help out with financial and rent assistance.

Why keep Going to Phoenix Title Loans?

Phoenix Title Loans is more than just the standard Title Loans company. We are a part of the Valley of the Sun as a local business. This means we understand the importance of having emergency money for rent, utilities, and more. We have multiple locations that can help with their financial needs but if you need serious help, take these links we’ve provided for emergency cash for rent, utilities, and more.