Scottsdale, Arizona showing the Greater Phoenix Landscape

To the West’s Most Western Town!

We service title loans to Scottsdale, Arizona in the following zip codes:

While not listed, we also offer services for those living in the cities of Paradise Valley, Carefree, Fountain Hills, and so on. We also assist those in the Salt-River Pima Maricopa County Indian Community. However, for those in the community, we ask that you do have an Arizona State-Issued License along with a State-Issued Title tied to the vehicle.

About Scottsdale, Arizona

This city is known as the Desert Version of Miami’s South Beach, proudly toting the slogan: The West’s Most Western Town. This is a town rich in culture and heritage. It’s seen from the historical buildings of Old Town, to the natural landscapes and wonders of the Tonto National Forest. This city is also home to the Scottsdale Spire, a Frank Lloyd Wright designed masterwork that was completed in 2007 long after his passing in 1957 (courtesy of the Taliesin Associated Architects or TAA).

How Scottsdale is comprised

Four parts of Scottsdale make up the city. First is South Scottsdale, where most people have their jobs located. Second is Old Town, famous for its rustic style and Old West flare. Third is the Shea Corridor (due to Shea Blvd’s East to West street path); this area has a strong residential presence past Old Town. Finally, we wrap up with North Scottsdale. This part of the city is on the rise in advancing development. As one of the more luxurious of the Valley Cities, this gem continues to show impressive progress. We at Phoenix Title Loans wish to also offer that assistance in that progress! There are two stores in this great city, to further assist in her growth. One on right on the Shea Corridor, and the other is located near Raintree and the 101.

Scottsdale’s High Loan Value Ability

Sometimes an auto title loan can be a product to acquire large amounts of money in no time whatsoever, not just an immediate small cash loan auto title loan like most people assume they are.  Our two Scottsdale title loan locations are able to make large, immediate hard cash loans in amounts up to $100,000.  Other title loan lenders simply aren’t equipped to make such high value loans, but here at Phoenix Title Loans, we can offer unique products such as Exotic Car Title Loans, Luxury Car Title Loans, and even Classic Car Title Loans.  The unique ability to offer our customers such large sums of money is what has made us the premier Scottsdale title loan lender over the last decade.

When we say that you can quickly liquidate an asset and get cash in a pinch, we mean it.  We’ve done hundreds of loans in excess of $30,000 the exact same day.  The process is quick, streamlined, and convenient for our customers and all begins with our live chat.  If you’re in a pinch and need a large sum of money, use our chat down below immediately and in most cases, we can hammer out the details such as interest, loan-to-value, payment amounts and any other details in a matter of ten minutes.  Our chat is available during all of our operating hours and we can put that money in your hand in a matter of minutes.  We’ve made loans on cars from Ferarris to Rolls-Royce vehicles, and understand the specialty that loans of such large value must be treated with.  We’re experienced in high value lending and can make aggressive, reasonable loan terms in all cases to get you that cash.  We’re not here to exploit our title loan customers, but to help the Scottsdale community wherein we live and reside.  If you need quick, liquid, hard cash in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, or Fountain Hills, Phoenix Title Loans is your obvious choice and can get you that money today.