Tempe, Arizona's ASU is similar to most college campus. Phoenix Title Loans will help college students too!

Tempe is an interesting part of the Valley

Snuggled between Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Chandler is the ever bustling town of Tempe. Here, there are multiple parks, businesses, and the former HQ of US Airways prior to the American Airlines Merger of December 9th 2013. It is inspired by the Vale of Tempe in that it acts as a more suitable location for commuting and commerce in general. The city became a sort of hot spot for new businesses to take form during this critical place of commerce. There are other other beneficial factors to the rise of this town as well. Fresh new talent thanks to a local state university, and a healthy transit system have seen new life in the town. Phoenix Title Loans is one such business that benefited, as such we wish to give back to the city with our Title Loans!

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About Tempe, Arizona

If Phoenix is the Heart of our Valley, then Tempe could be considered the Lungs; breathing new life into our Valley thanks to the brilliant and talented young individuals that grace Arizona State University. This also allows for local Downtown businesses to thrive as young adults and college students find their favorite ‘spot.’

The city gets additional recognition as having a major transit center along College Avenue. Here you have the freedom to choose riding on the Light Rail or taking a bus. The choice is yours to where you need to go. This freedom of choice makes travel easier for those commuting into Tempe for work. If they live out in, say, Mesa, they have the option of both as well.