Phoenix title Loans Avondale zip codes

All cities in the Valley of the Sun are covered to receive our title loans, but we offer this listing for those in the area.  If you happen to hit this page and you aren’t in these zip codes, it’s certainly not exclusive!  We service our title loans to Avondale and all surrounding cities of the west side of town.  We simply put this page up just to give you guys the nearest location to our west valley folks, and to give you the quickest, easiest route to travel to our west side Phoenix Title Loans.

We service title loans to Avondale, Arizona in the following zip codes:

About Avondale, Arizona

Avondale is a growing community born from a traditional farming locale, seeing more development in sight! The major thoroughfare in the city is both Van Buren Street and McDowell Road. Since 1980, this small town has seen much change. It’s home to the Phoenix International Raceway. This speed way is a part of the NASCAR race tour and one of the few chosen to host more than one race weekend for avid NASCAR supporters!

Avondale used to be one of the most rural areas you could find in all of Arizona.  You used to be able to drive through Avondale and see nothing but farm after farm — sprawling fields of wheat and barley.  Since Phoenix has become so heavily populated in all areas, Arizona as a whole has started to move out both East and West in pretty much every direction to fulfill the rising populations.  Within the last decade or so, Avondale has been one of the fastest growing cities in all of Arizona, along with Goodyear.  What was once sprawling farms is now huge residential complexes coupled with a vast amount of entertainment.  The West Valley of Phoenix has seen a new sports stadium, huge outlet malls, and large entertainment districts all constructed over the last decade making Avondale an entire city of its own.  Gone are the days where if you lived in Avondale, you were going to drive far, far East to Phoenix in order to find some sort of entertainment.  With the rise of Avondale has also the rise of Phoenix Title Loans started, proudly offering our services from our Avondale location to any and all citizens in Avondale that need a small, quick infusion of cash.  No matter if it’s a title loan on a boat, a car, watercraft, a recreational vehicle, anything.  If you need cash in a pinch, Phoenix Title Loans can make it happen in a short amount of time.  Just begin the process now with our live chat down below and we’ll be happily to give you a free consultation of the many different options that are available to you.

Some of the Highlights of the City

Phoenix Children’s Hospital has a satellite facility called the Southwest Valley Urgent Care. This is located in Avondale Blvd and McDowell Road. If you are a fan of the outdoors, this city has at least 10 different recreational parks throughout the city limits. There is also historical significance such as the initial point of the Gila and Salt River Meridan. This site is located in Monument Hill which is also the start of this site.

Famous Avondale Residents

There are plenty of celebrities that had humble beginnings in this fair city. Some are famous athletes such as Mitch Garcia, Nick Harris and Shelley Smith. Other famous residents are also Craig Mabbitt, vocalist for the band Escape The Fate. Finally, there is Clancy Pendergast, the USC Trojans defensive coordinator.  The best thing is that the city continues to expand!  Within the coming years, I’m willing to bet that you could find any and all kinds of food that you want.  It’s already home to many great Mexican food joints (it’s Arizona, of course there is!) and some of our most popular chains, but will most likely soon see the rise of local businesses as well to go along with it.  Come out, get an auto title loan, and when you come back each and every month to make your payments you can watch the booming development of the entire city.  We remember back in the days of farms, and now it’s growing into a city that may one day rival the size of Phoenix too.