Eloy is said to be the Skydiving Capital of the World!

Eloy, Arizona Zip Codes

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About Eloy, Arizona

Eloy is a quiet little shanty with plenty of room to expand. While the core of the city limits is within 98 square miles, the outer stretch of the city covers 560 square miles. This is also the city that is the midpoint between Phoenix (65 miles) and Tucson (50 miles). So if you’re heading either way and need a rough idea of how far you’ve gone, if you see the city limits, you’re halfway there!

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Eloy’s Offerings

This city is said to be a paradise for skydivers and thrill seekers alike with such facilities as Skydive Arizona. It is stated that this small town is the “Skydiving Capital of the World.” Finally, one feature that makes it famous, or rather infamous, is that it also holds four of the State’s Correctional Facilities. They are the Eloy Detention Center, Red Rock Correctional Center, Saguaro Correctional Center and La Palma Correctional Center. These centers, under the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), also comprise a majority of the Workforce and Economy, employing over 1,500 individuals to work for these facilities.

Simplified School Choices

Unlike most cities, there are only four schools in this town for Pre-K to 8th Grade. They are the Curiel Annex/Primary Schools, Intermediate School, and the Junior High School. Finally there’s the Santa Cruz Valley Union High School which finishes the standard levels of education in this city.

Don’t the rural atmosphere fool you! While small, this town is pivotal in regards to the criminal justice system as well as thoroughfare. Also, it has the potential to grow into its own city-wide metropolis with the ownership of outstretched land. As the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan continues to develop and expand, soon places like Eloy will become more promising to up and coming citizens.  Just take a look at our friends that are on the opposite side of the valley, Avondale and Goodyear.  They were once what Eloy was, and now they’re booming metropolises where people can live their entire lives.  Once a rural area, they’re nowhere near that, and Eloy is going to be the next up and comer that we’ll see in Arizona.