Mesa, Arizona might not be the most populous and most visited city in the state, but it definitely gets the attention of tourists. There are plenty of great things to do in Mesa, whether you’re passing through or anchoring your family for a visit. What brings you to Mesa? Maybe you’ve heard about some of the attractions, landmarks and nice restaurants. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to visit Arizona, and Mesa is the city you’ve chosen.

It’s interesting what one of the travel sites considers as landmarks in Mesa, Arizona. I’m thinking more like historical landmarks, but either way, you’re going to find all kinds of great things to do there. One of the places classified as a landmark is Superstition Farm. As you might guess, there are going to be horses there, and you’re going to have quite a lot of fun. You get to enjoy the petting zoo, hayride, farmer’s market and more.

Mesa, Arizona is also one of the fastest growing cities in the great Phoenix metropolis.  It’s Historical Downtown section is actually going through a huge revival currently and is seeing mass remodeling.  As well as th e entire new East Mesa district with huge residential districts, huge apartment complexes, and a huge resurgence of businesses to match as well.  Pretty soon, these will all be land marks in the same regard, and we’re excited to not only see but be a huge part of this development.

You might think you’re in for something similar when you visit the Rockin R Ranch. However, you couldn’t possibly guess what you’ll be in for when you visit this landmark attraction. Rockin R Ranch according to one reviewer is labeled as a western town, which means it’s quite a big place. Are you up for a cowboy dinner? You’re talking about live music, great drinks and tons of entertainment. If you think this sounds like fun, then this is a ranch you don’t want to miss while you’re in Mesa.

When it comes to landmarks in Mesa AZ, there is the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitor’s Center and the Usery Mountain Regional Park. You’ll also find the Annual Mesa Historic Homes Tour, which would mean you need to time your visit. You can also pay a visit to Tonto National Forest, and there is the Mesa Arts Center Public Campus Tour as well. Now, just wait until you hear about the next landmark attraction that Mesa has to offer.

It’s called Organ Stop Pizza, and it’s another place that offers unique entertainment. Of course, it also serves up great pizza according to reviewers. Most visitors that are in Mesa, Arizona end up there enjoying themselves, and one reviewer mentions that it’s a place that locals like to take people, too. Every single review for this place seems to be built on the fact that you’ll have a great experience there.

Another landmark attraction is Hohokam Stadium, which has evidently been remodeled in recent years. This is where you catch your Spring Training baseball, and that means this is the perfect landmark attraction in Mesa for me to visit. There’s plenty of food and fun and a great atmosphere in general to enjoy at Hohokam Stadium.

There are going to be more landmark places and attractions that you can stop by when in Mesa, but this is a pretty inclusive list. Remember that two of the attractions are better enjoyed during certain times of the year. The historic homes tour does sound really cool, but I would want to be there for the baseball, too.