If you are going to travel to Mesa Arizona, perhaps to look for a job, you might want to consider working for some of the most prominent businesses that are in the area. Each city is going to be different in regard to what businesses are able to prosper. Depending upon your experience level, your college education, and what particular field of work you are in, you should be able to find an employer that matches your area of expertise. There are several prominent businesses in Mesa, AZ that you can consider, and here is a list of the top companies and corporations that are operating there right now.

The Healthcare Industry

Similar to many other major cities, healthcare is a prominent part of the job market in Mesa. In particular, they boast having world-class speciality, as well as general hospitals, with 1700 beds for the people in the city. Banner Simulation Medical Center is the largest company in regard to health practitioners, although there are many others that employ thousands of people. Another industry that is extremely large are the schools in the city which are responsible for tens of thousands of students.

The Education Industry

The field of education is a prominent part of the many jobs that are available in Mesa. There are 40,000 students that go to school in the city. A prominent provider of higher education is the East Valley Institute of Technology, a business that prepares students for technical jobs and careers. In regard to lower education, Mesa actually has the second-largest school district, and is recognized nationwide as having superior educational programs and students that score well on nationwide tests. The industry that employs the most people with high-paying jobs, however, is in the aerospace industry.

The Aerospace Industry

One of the largest employers is Boeing, a company that manufactures some of the most elite aircraft in the world. In Mesa, they are responsible for producing the Apache attack helicopter, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles that are becoming more prominent in the military. There are also airports such as the Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport, and many others, that employ over 10,000 people.

The Technology Industry

Finally, in the field of technology, there are many businesses that operate in Mesa that are part of the technological sector. This includes Bridgestone, PCT international, and also Fujifilm. The state of Arizona is actually ranked in the top 10 for high-tech manufacturing jobs. It is a great place to work if you have a degree or experience in the technology sector, with some earning well over six figures.

These are just a few of the many companies that employ people in Mesa. Some of the more prominent businesses have been mentioned. There are many others including Telonics, International Rectifier, and Mitel, top rated businesses that are very prominent in Mesa that employ thousands of people in the city. If you have any experience or background in tech, tourism, education, or healthcare, Mesa is a fantastic place to work if you happen to be transitioning from your current location.

The Title Loan Industry

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