Bad Credit Title Loans in Casa Grande - Phoenix Title Loans

Bad Credit can and does ruin people’s chances at home-ownership along with other investments. Need a car loan? Out of the question with Bad Credit. Want to own a home? Don’t even bother; bad credit says otherwise. It seems like having bad credit means you get nothing in life. Fortunately, Phoenix Title Loans offers Bad Credit Title Loans in times of crisis.

Isn’t Bad Credit Title Loans The Same As a Car Loan?

Not entirely. A Car Loan is financing from the dealer or a banking institution for the purpose of owning a car. A Bad Credit Title Loan uses the value of the car/automobile under your ownership and the title of the vehicle itself. While you can use a Bad Credit Title Loan toward the car payment, it may or may not do that much of a different. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

How Do I Receive Bad Credit Title Loans in Casa Grande?

Simple. First and foremost, have a vehicle and a title to that vehicle. Second, be in possession of a current and valid Arizona State-Issued ID (in most cases, a Driver’s License). Finally, bring your vehicle and paperwork (title and ID) to our Casa Grande location to finalize the process. You also have the option to use our online title loan application process to get a head start. This gives you time to have everything ready and we can finish it out at the store by handing you the money after a few final signatures.

Are Bad Credit Title Loans Limited to Specific Vehicles?

We are proud to state that Bad Credit Title Loans are not limited to one type of vehicle. If you own a car, it qualifies for this loan. If you own a BOAT, it qualifies for this loan (albeit through a PAWN, not a title loan per say). The proud owner of a truck? Covered! Motorcycle? BRING IT IN. We are not one to turn away a vehicle after seeing it. That said, we do make decisions on a case-by-case basis. We’re also not particular of the manufacture either. Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, you name it! Bring the vehicle, get the loan, walk away with money!