Applying Online - Phoenix Title Loans

The Holidays, or any day, can be hectic. Taking the time you need to get to us may not always work in your best interest. But there is one thing you can do that won’t take up much time: Apply with our online title loan application. Phoenix Title Loans encourages customers to take part of this incentive. Here’s some of the many benefits of applying online.

Expedited Process when Applying Online

The most prevalent benefit of applying online is the fact that it reduces the time it takes to complete a loan in the store. Normally, when deciding to get a title loan, you must first fill out the paperwork. Getting the paperwork done ahead of time saves you the time to get the loan at the store; our online application does this. We use this information to finalize the legwork before you arrive.

You may be asking yourself: isn’t a title loan already one of the fastest ways to get the cash I need?  Your correct, but if you can make something even faster why wouldn’t you?  When you use our online application, it allows us to hammer out many of the fine details of the loan before you arrive such as interest rate, loan amount, and other details such as what we’ll need you to bring.  This means that instead of having to go through the appraisal process when you arrive, we’ll already have it done and simply ask you to fill out paperwork when you arrive.  This means you can be in and out in as little as 15 minutes with potentially thousands of dollars.  Applying Online is definitely the way to ensure your financial security and be confident that you’re going to get the money you need when you need it.

Easier Means of a Decision

Getting a decision is now faster when you apply online. Traditionally, decisions are done at the store; rarely, there are turn-aways. This frustrates customers, especially those that took time from their day for a hopeful answer.  To save time, the online title loan application is sent to us and we review it immediately. We then provide an email response on the application itself within a few minutes. We’re proud to say we have a 99% acceptance rate! And even for the 1% that are not accepted outright, there is still a chance you can get approved. All you need to do is provide additional information. This is what is usually requested when a situation like this comes up.

We Help Determine the Closest Location To You

Another of the biggest challenges when getting title loans is finding a nearby location. There’s no point in driving across the Valley, spending money and time, just to get a title loan. By applying online, you can get the location closest to you, courtesy of us. When you receive an email from our representative, you can request the nearest location to you based on your application. Our staff will then provide that information and you would simply proceed there.

The other reason this is important is that sometimes the location closest to you isn’t the most appropriate.  We have locations more better equipped for storage if you need a boat or RV title loan, locations more capable of making high-value loans in excess of $10,000, and locations that can just better appraise specialty vehicles.  At Phoenix Title Loans, we understand the urgency of needing to acquire fast cash when you need it, so we are always finding ways to make it happen as best as possible.

What Vehicles Work for Applying Online?

An odd question to ask, but we’ll answer: any vehicle we have taken in the past is eligible for a title loan. Own a Truck? You qualify. Purchased a Suzuki Motorcycle or bike in general? Sign up! Van? Corvette? Ferrari? HELICOPTER? You name it, most chances, we’ve offered a title loan for it. Just apply today and we’ll work on an offer for you today!

Do we still need ID for the Loan

Good question. The answer is still yes. Having ID acts as verification that we have the correct information. It also acts as a safety measure we are making a loan to the right recipient. The last thing we want to do is give your money from your vehicle to someone else. As a reminder, the types of ID we will need are the following:

  • An Arizona State-issued ID (Most commonly the Driver’s License)
  • The Title of the vehicle stated on the Online Title Loan Application.
  • Paystub (This isn’t a deal breaker, nor required; it DOES help with making higher loan-to-value offers)

Phoenix Title Loans is the Ideal Choice?

Indeed we are! We grew up serving our customers in the Valley of the Sun for over a decade and more. Thanks to their support, we’ve become one of the Valley’s many successful businesses. With over ten locations throughout the Valley, there’s a store you can stop by and get the money you need. Now with our online title loan application, the process to get money is even closer to home. So whether you are at home or work, applying online is a breeze; thanks to Phoenix Title Loans. Start today!