A New Year can be a bit rough, but we can give Title Loans to help!

January is the month of beginnings; new year, new start, new goals to see made throughout the months to come for that year. However, one thing known to carry through is debts from the previous year. Compounded by potential goals that could be costly to achieve, money will be in short supply. A rough start, but not without ways to fix it. Phoenix Title Loans offer such a way with title loans provided by us.

2017 is also the year to start an existing title loan off correctly as well!  Phoenix Title Loans has the unique ability to refinance title loans, or even buy out title loans, and is able to just about in every case lower your interest rates, lower your monthly payment, and in some cases even get you more money just for refinancing!  If you already have a preexisting auto title loan, start 2017 with a better auto title loan — one that you can actually work your way out of without feeling like you’re trapped at the end of every month.  With our quick and easy online application, we can get you a refinanced title loan in a matter of hours, so don’t delay, call today!

How Title Loans generally work

Title loans are a form of loan that uses the value of the vehicle (known also as collateral) as a means to receive money. The money does need to be paid back. Before all this starts, we set terms and conditions prior to finalizing the loan, including how much to pay and interest accrued. In most cases, we are happy to let you drive the vehicle as you would still need it for day-to-day occurrences. We also offer the option, and on rare moments reserve the right, to store the vehicle while the loan is in effect; again, this is brought up front to avoid confusion.

Now how this process works with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division is a little bit different.  In order to offer this type of auto title loan, otherwise known as a collateral loan, there’s certain precautions and other legal paperwork that must be done.  One of the steps in the title loan process that must come back clear before money can be placed in your hand, is that we need to do a lien check with the Arizona MVD to ensure there are no other existing loans on the vehicle.  A lien is commonly placed when you get a general car loan on a vehicle, or if you have an already existing auto title loan.  The lien simply protects the lender, or us Phoenix Title Loans, from nonpayment so that in that case we may take repossession of the vehicle.

Is This Necessary?

It’s simply a formality, and we usually do everything in our power to not allow it to come to this point.  After the title loan process is completely finished, we fill out paperwork ourselves to place a lien for our protection.  This changes the car’s title, and a new title will be printed showing us as a lienholder, not an owner(that’s an important difference), on the title.  After that, the process is pretty much done and you’ll already have cash in hand at that point.

The Title Loan Process

Our title loan process in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Casa Grande, and Avondale, has been worked on and streamlined over the last decade.  Having been the premier title loan lender in the valley, we’re not only able to offer the most favorable loan terms including customer-friendly interest rates and monthly payments, but also a speedy process.  If you’re looking for an auto title loan to be the solution to your financial situation, you most likely need the money immediately and without hassle.  That’s why you turn to Phoenix Title Loans, because a bank isn’t going to be the one to help you that quick, and other financial institutions will simply sit and drag their feet.

It all begins when you come and take a visit down to one of our 11 locations anywhere in the valley.  One of our associates will go over your options with you just to make sure an auto title loan is right for you, and then we’ll do an initial appraisal of the vehicle itself.  What we’re looking for is overall cosmetic condition, overall engine condition, and to verify that the check engine light isn’t on.

Looking at the vehicle is a small piece of the puzzle, as most cars aren’t beat up to the point where they aren’t worth at least some form of cash loan.  The bulk of the appraisal will actually come from Kelley Blue Book Private Party Value, so you can often check what your vehicle is worth on your own as well!  We also verify there’s no lien on the vehicle.

What Happens After That?

Next, we’ll make you a cash offer.  Should you choose to accept, we’ll collect a few signatures from you and put cold, hard cash into your hand.  Literally, thousands and thousands of dollars can be put into your hand in a matter of minutes.  We attempt to make the process as easy as possible for our customers as we know when financial disparity hits, you need cash immediately.  So don’t wait, either Apply Online here, or give us a call now, or just come down to one of our 11 locations and we’d be happy to help!

Get started for this New Year in 2017

There are over ten locations we have in the Valley. As a proud native Phoenix business, we wish to see our customers start the New Year right in 2017! We make it our priority to explain the process of our title loans to each customer. This is so they understand what they are held accountable for. This also serves as a way to show a resolution of responsibility. And with this sense of responsibility, it can help prevent further incidents in the months ahead where you slip a bit. But even should you still slip and fall financially, Phoenix Title Loans will be right there to pick you back up! Call or visit our 10+ locations today, and start the 2017 New Year with the best foot forward!