3 Things to Know about Shopping for a Title Loan
  1. Read The Fine Print.

When selecting a title loan in Mesa, AZ, it is important to read the fine print. Some companies like hide add-ons in the loan contracts. An ad-on is an additional income item for the tile loan companies such as roadside assistance or windshield protection. So let’s say that you missed the clause that opted you into a windshield protection service ad-on. Each month the company would charge you $30, and in exchange if your windshield ever chips or cracks, they would come and repair it.

Some title loan lenders in Mesa, Arizona have been known to put these add-ons in their contracts and hope that their customers miss them. So in other words, they sit back and collect money for a service that the customer does not use or even realize they are paying for.

  1. Wait, you did not tell me how to pay my loan back?

Have caution when dealing with a title loan lender who is pressuring you to sign the loan before discussing repayment and giving you a change to inspect the loan documents. In truth, there are title loan companies, even in Mesa, AZ, that are on the border line of breaking federal law because they rush their customers to sign the loan before the customer has time to think. The Truth in Lending requires lenders to disclose several things like all of the financing charges and your APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Again to reiterate the importance of reading the fine print, be sure to check for hidden fees.

Also it is important to listen to your instincts. If you feel like you are in the middle of making a bad decision, we recommend that you simply get up and walk out. There are plenty of places to get a title loan in Mesa, Arizona. It is probably a good idea to take some time to think things over and shop some more lenders.

  1. Why is it so difficult to make a payment on my loan?

Title loan companies in Mesa, AZ want me to pay right? The answer is, most do. However, we urge you to be careful of the companies that do not what to you to pay. Some lenders would rather that you default on your loan and reposes your call. They will not answer your calls and emails and take several days to respond. These same businesses will only accept payment in their stores and have business hours that are not convenient to customers. Finally, they find excuses, extra charges, and ways to confuse you so that you miss a payment.

The good news is, in the modern world, we have the internet. It is easy to jump online and look at a companies’ reviews. Generally speaking, if a company has wronged people in the past, there will be a negative review somewhere. This process can be a pain in the neck; but we assure you that it is much better than being locked to a contract with a company that does not have your best interest at heart.

    1. A Bonus Thing for Our Customers!

Just in case three things wasn’t enough, here’s a fourth thing!  As the premier title loan lender in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, and Scottsdale, Phoenix Title Loans has become an expert at providing convenient solutions for our customers.  We know that when true desperate financial situations hit, time is truly of the essence and you can’t wait for some long winded approval process.  What should be the beautiful thing about an auto title loan is the no hassle approach of it all.  An auto title loan is a collateral loan in which it should simply be as easy as using your vehicle to secure a loan, that’s the point right?  It’s analogous to a pawn loan which is a five minute process — just show your collateral for the loan, and get your cash, but other title loan lenders clearly don’t take this approach which truly sets us apart.

Over our decade of experience, we’ve instituted a myriad of solutions for our customers to use to get them their cash in a mere matter of minutes rather than a matter of days as other title loan lenders would have you believe.  We started with our eleven different locations in every corner of the valley as far as Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Avondale, and even Casa Grande!  On top of that, we’ve instituted the best feature one looking for fast cash on an auto title loan could ever want: an Online Title Loan Application coupled even with an interactive online chat that’s active during all of our operating hours each day.  Using our online chat, we can help you evaluate all of your options and find which title loan solution is right for you meaning that when you actually do come down to our locations, the title loan process can be finished in as little as 15 minutes.  We can hammer out details such as interest rates, loan values, monthly payments, and eligibility all through the online chat which means when you come down to our store we can have most of the paperwork, cold hard cash, and details all hammered out.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions be sure to check out our FAQ Page.