Peoria is a city with the best of both counties, Maricopa and Yavapai. It also sits as a key suburban home to many of the Valley’s Residents, falling behind slightly by Mesa, Tempe and Glendale respectively. However, our commitment to assisting Peoria residents is not any less than assisting customers from the other Valley cities. To that end, we offer our zip code directory to Peoria Residents that are in need of our services.

Zip Codes Covered in Peoria

The following zip codes in Peoria are what we cover with our company. Keep in mind, even if your specific zip code is not listed, we will still assist you as best we can. Here is the list:

  • 85301
  • 85342
  • 85345
  • 85373
  • 85380
  • 85381
  • 85382
  • 85383
  • 85385
  • 85387

We would like to reiterate: Even though a particular zip code is not listed, we will still assist customers from those areas. In fact, we encourage customers to do business with our company and see the results for themselves.

What Title Loans do Phoenix Title Loans offer for those in Peoria?

First and foremost, the core offering is our auto title loans. Customers can simply request a title loan and we will request both their vehicle’s title and an Arizona State-Issued Drivers’ License. Also, we offer an online application for those needing to get the ball rolling prior to arrival. Our staff would be delighted to getting your title loan well underway. Finally, if you are a heavy commuter to various parts of the Valley of the Sun, we offer several locations throughout the Valley itself to accommodate your needs. Need to pickup some cash and on one side of town, check our listing and see to finding the nearest PTL location(s) to you.

Phoenix Title Loans is a trusted name in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and has been so for over a decade. This is due in large part to the loyalty of our customers and the love of service shown by our staff. We also support Valley citizens by hiring local residents to our businesses, meaning our money earned further circulates back to you, the customers. Without this, we would not be as successful as we are today. That is why we are continuing to improve our services so that customers we have yet to reach can visit our stores and receive the same love we’ve grown for the past ten years.