Even if you’ve lived in a hot climate in the past, you may not be prepared for the weather in Mesa, AZ. The climate in Mesa can be extremely hot and dry. It can be hard to dress appropriately, especially when you need to dress for the office.

If you’re planning on visiting Mesa in the future, or if you’re going to be living there, you need to think ahead. Here are a few ways you can cope with the hot, dry heat.

1. Start Carrying Water Bottles

While dehydration is always a risk in hot weather, it can be an especially big problem in a dry state like Arizona. You will have to take extra precautions if you want to ensure that you stay hydrated.

One of the most effective things you can do is carry a water bottle. If you have a water bottle, it’ll be easy for you to keep drinking water throughout the day. Consider investing in a reusable water bottle. It should be easy for you to re-fill it as the day goes on.

2. Re-Apply Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen when you leave the house may not be enough, especially when the sun’s rays are at its hottest. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, you’ll want to make sure you apply sunscreen at least twice a day.

It can be smart to carry an extra bottle of sunscreen in your purse, or to keep it in another easy-to-access place. After a few hours have passed, you can apply your sunscreen again and avoid getting burned.

3. Keep A Sweater In Your Car

While the weather can be very hot in Mesa, the interiors of buildings can be quite cool. A lot of places keep the air conditioner cranked up as high as it will go, especially in the summer.

Make sure you have a sweater with you so that you can warm up when it gets chilly. A light cardigan sweater is easy to keep with you, and can keep you warm when the AC is on high.

4. Start Wearing Hats

If you’re going to be outdoors for a large portion of your vacation, you may need protection beyond sunglasses and sunscreen. You might also want to wear some kind of hat.

A wide brimmed hat can work with a variety of outfits, and can help keep the sun off of your face. Hats are especially important for young children. Their skin is very delicate, and can easily be damaged by the sun’s rays.

If you’re traveling to Mesa in the winter, the warm temperatures may seem like a delight. If you’re going there in the summer, however, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed.

Thankfully, if you take a few precautions, the weather in Mesa, AZ shouldn’t pose much of a problem. You’ll be able to avoid the worst of the weather and keep yourself safe. You won’t get dehydrated, and you won’t get a bad sunburn.