Mesa, Arizona is a rather unique city with a storied history, and it’s full of attractions and all kinds of interesting things, including historical properties. There is a rather large group of famous people that have come from Mesa, Arizona, both past and present. Are you familiar with Jimmy Eat World? Jimmy Eat World is a famous rock band, and the person from that band that comes from Mesa is Jim Adkins.

People are famous, notable or prominent in a city for many reasons. They might be there in the city serving as the mayor or the district attorney. There are notable people that have made it in professional sports, and there are people that have made the news in other ways, even tragic ways. Did you know that Travis Alexander was from Mesa, Arizona? You might remember hearing about his name because he was murdered by Jodi Arias. The Jodi Arias trial was a big event. Of course, she wasn’t a prominent person in Mesa by any means.

I like baseball as a sport, so I was looking to see if there were any baseball players from Mesa. Brad Mills and Albie Lopez were both professional baseball players, prominent people in my book with roots in Mesa AZ. Then there are the football players, such as Todd Heap and Jamar Hunt. Now, here is another big one. Have you heard of Buck Owens? He’s very famous indeed, and he’s of course member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Have you seen the television show Divorce Court? The judge from that show, Lynn Toler, is from Mesa. Hey, she’s not Judge Judy, but she’s still a television personality and famous judge. Some of the prominent people of the past are people that helped found the city and continue to help grow the city around the turn of the 20th century. This is of course all in the city’s history.

There have been prominent politicians that have come from Mesa, like John Jacob Rhodes and John Jacob Rhodes III. Carl Hayden was also a famous and prominent politician, senator to be specific. There are people that are well known for being on reality TV shows, such as American Idol’s Brooke White. It’s interesting to note just how many football players there are from Mesa. You can tell Mesa is a big football town because there are many more than just the two famous football players from Mesa mentioned earlier.

Famous authors Janice Merrill Allred and Helen Andelin are from Mesa, Arizona. There is also an Olympic Gold medalist on the list of prominent people from the city, and her name is Misty Hyman. There is college basketball coach Rudy Lavik and soccer player Julie Johnston as well.

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Are you familiar with the rest of the prominent people in Mesa, AZ? From the list that was given, it should make you feel like you know a little bit more about the people that have come from this great city. Maybe you come from Mesa, and you’re just now learning about many of these people, past and present. Maybe you one day will be on this list.