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From the Miata, to the CX-9, to the Mazda3, Madza Motor Corporation offers much to compact and sedan car owners. True die hards of Mazda will swear by this brand and nothing else. In respect to such devotion, our company offers Mazda Title Loans for those enthusiasts.

Only Mazda Enthusiasts get Mazda Title Loans?

Short answer: no. Mazda Title Loans are for all customers that own a Mazda vehicle. We’ve just seen the diehards of Mazda act first to this incentive. In fact, there were customers that not only came for the title loans, but they also came to show off their Mazda. Truly they love their vehicles! Well, we show OUR love by giving them the money from the value of their Mazda vehicle. Fortunately, they already know that keeping the vehicle well maintained and complete gets them the maximum loan-to-value on their title loans.

We’ve done thousands of Mazda Title Loans over our decade plus years of experience.  This has been models from the older Miatas (which we love, proud owners of a few of these bad boys) all the way to the newer MX-5s.  This makes us actual experts at the valuation of Mazda vehicles meaning you get the lowest interest rates and the lowest monthly payments as well.  We’re the only one to trust with your Mazda Title Loans in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, and Scottsdale.

With Mazda truly pushing the limits of their newly modeled cars, and their Mazda 3s and new Mazda MX-5s, they’re quickly becoming one of the most popular brands on the streets of Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, and Scottsdale.  Particularly in Tempe we’re seeing these vehicles as a great car when parents are sending their students off to college.  They’re reliable, sturdy, and economical making them one of Phoenix Title Loans’ favorite cars to loan on and even own ourselves.

How does Anyone get Mazda Title Loans?

Fortunately, we have a universal process to simplify the need to get cash. It is the following:

  1. Make sure you have all needed documentation on hand. This includes (but may not be limited to):
    1. The Vehicle itself. We can’t offer Mazda Title Loans without a Mazda.
    2. A title that is attached/tied to the vehicle. No, not physically, but one that proves you have ownership of the vehicle, while in payments or not.
    3. Arizona State-Issued ID that is BOTH current and valid. Usually it’s the Driver’s License, so it would be wise to bring that.
    4. All accessories that came factory-prepped when you purchased the vehicle. This only applies to new vehicle.
      1. For USED vehicles, we’ll need a spare key as reference to the vehicle itself. This is not a deal-breaker but it may affect the final loan-to-value amount.
  2. Visit any of our locations to get the process finalized. If you have some trouble finding us, visit our locations page by clicking here.
    1. Once at a location nearest you, simply fill out the paperwork and provide a few signatures.
    2. If you wish to speed up the process, fill out our online application prior to coming to that store. It will only be a few signatures and paperwork less than before.
  3. Walk out of that location with the well deserved money from your vehicle.
    1. We also offer storage facilities to hold the vehicle while the loan is in effect. Keep in mind this is an optional offer; however, depending on the loan, we may request that the vehicle be on hold to get the maximum loan-to-value. This is on a case-by-case basis.

Don’t be intimidated by all those steps. It looks like a lot, but it boils down to having your title, vehicle, license, and coming to the nearest location to finish it up.  If you have any more questions about our Mazda title loans, feel free to reach out to us by other visiting one of our eleven locations in person, giving us a call, or just suing our live chat down below.  Our Mazda Title Loans are quick, simple, and boast the lowest interest rates you’ll find in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, or anywhere in the Greater Phoenix area.  Trust the experts with your vehicle and give us a call today, we’re happy to help you evaluate your options at no cost to you.

Have you done Mazda Title Loans in the Past?

Yes, we have. Here is one recent example:

Mazda Title Loans - Mazda MZD6 - Phoenix Title Loans

With this customer, they trusted their Mazda wherever they go. However, it needed a part replaced to get up to code for their annual inspection coming up in a few short months. Money was tight during that time, but they remembered going to one of our locations before (just to ask questions). This got them to think about getting a title loan to cover the cost of repair. Jumping at the chance, they got the title loan, got the part repaired and replaced and got back into business. They even managed to pay the loan back in full without missing a beat!

While it’s always best to not HAVE to take a title loan when you are financially stable, such was not the case with certain customers. But we do encourage taking full advantage of both your car’s worth, and our business dealings. It’s that faith in our service that kept us in business for over a decade. We also gained over ten locations to serve, thanks entirely to our customer base. Now we wish to be of greater service to Valley residents. Stop by Phoenix Title Loans today, and let Mazda Title Loans get you the money your car is worth!