Even during the month of January, the average temperature in Eloy, Arizona is around 68 degrees. That’s the average folks! I was looking at the temperature for the city right now, and it’s 107 degrees. That’s super hot, although even on the east coast today where I live it was 100 degrees. You have to factor in the humidity where I live, but that doesn’t come into play so much in Eloy, Arizona. That doesn’t mean it’s not extremely hot during the summer.

Furthermore, it’s on average much hotter throughout the rest of the year as mentioned. During July, the average temperature is 106, so that’s only one degree cooler than today’s temperature. Of course, there is nothing cool about 106 degrees. While people in Eloy, Arizona don’t have to deal with the humidity, they do have to deal with a desert landscape. That’s a lot different than normal properties and lawns throughout the rest of the US.

Another aspect to consider concerning the weather is not necessarily that it gets hotter than hell down in Arizona, but the fact that the sun literally does not stop shining.  Sun cancer is the leading cause of cancer in the United States, and the leading cause of it is UV radiation from the sun.  It’s not just hot, but you’re always being bombarded by it here in Arizona, so you’d better be prepared with sunscreen to protect yourself from its dangers.

It’s a desert climate for sure in Eloy, and the low temperatures throughout the year on average aren’t under 36 for any month of the year. That doesn’t mean it never freezes in Eloy, but you could say it doesn’t freeze that often for sure. A dry heat by the way may not seem so threatening, but any heat over 100 degrees is severe. In Eloy, you have to put up with a whole summer of average highs each day over 100. You can almost include May and September in that group of months, too.

Group all of the seasons together, and what average high temperature do you think you’re going to get? What if you were told it’s 87 degrees? In Eloy, the average daily high temperature is 87 degrees, which means that is summer all year long for the most part. Even the average annual temperature, not the high but the average, is 70 degrees. If you could leave out the extreme heat of the summer, and average annual temperature of 70 degrees doesn’t sound so bad.

Temperatures do fluctuate from season to season anywhere, however, and there is no escaping the desert climate in Eloy AZ. If you had to guess how many inches of rain the city gets each year, how many inches would you guess? What if you were told the answer is three inches? It’s not, but that would be insane! Still, the average annual rainfall in Eloy isn’t but a little over 10 inches. That doesn’t sound very promising, but it sure would be a time to remember when it finally does provide a good rain for the year.

If you’re not familiar with Eloy, you might be wondering where exactly it’s located in Arizona. It’s not too far away from Tucson. Now that you’re familiar with the weather pattern there, you’ll be able to know how to handle the desert climate of Eloy, Arizona. Does it make you picture a tumbleweed flying by and a lot of sand? People know how to decorate desert style, so it’s not a barren land or anything.